Mark Nieuwenhuis presents his new EP and live set visualized by
Studio de Maan with a multi-channel video performance

Join us in a uniquely immersive audiovisual experience:
musically shifting from downtempo beats with jazz influences
to danceable grooves with acid dubs.
Visually tantalizing details from morning landscapes to street scenes
mixed with generative patterns and rhythmic shape/color manipulations.
Mark Nieuwenhuis & Studio de Maan have been working together for over 5 years.
The audiovisual ensemble “Music for Museums” was created during various location-specific projects, live performances and commissioned work. Their work can essentially be summarized as a joint process with an overlapping creative vision.
A unique musical and visual language unfolds as an uninterrupted exploration of forms and atmospheres. This is our invitation for you to be a part of it online and we hope to see you live again one day.

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