Gathered Moments. Aspect to Aspect Observations.
Although the title of the video suggests otherwise, this work carries no religious intention whatsoever.
It is a series of events, observed and recorded, leaving the visual material unaltered.
Nothing more and nothing less. Personally speaking, this specific place of interest ignites strong memories to my childhood days. The stream you see, flowed and still flows through the fields and farmlands where my closest relatives spend most if not all of their lives.
It was where I ran around, splashed stones in water, found frogs, flowers and what not. 
Still to this day, this stream is flowing and shaping untouched and keeps attracting my attention.
The words of storyteller Willem de Ridder inspired me to learn more about the area surrounding this stream, the fields, the valley. Was it here where over 1000 years ago, my ancestors roamed, perhaps finding themselves surrounded by chants and choirs, expressing their gratitude and fears?
Music: Unknown (sequence), Martin Boverhof (arrangement) & Mark Nieuwenhuis (trumpet, fx)

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