Mostly forward focused in daily life, every now and then one looks up in admiration of our bright shining star. This enormous plasma ball, roughly 150.000.000 km away from earth has such tremendous power it energizes our entire being. It's light - traveling 300,000 kilometers per second, reaching us in 8 minutes - is simply captured here in a 3 minute video. Moments like this makes me realize how rich but also how vulnerable we are.
Once I heard "The Promise" - the new album of Mehmet Polat - there was this one piece that stood out to me, it's title miraculously stating "Nothing is Yours".  The whole album is a journey of it's own. Effortlessly fusing jazz, contemporary touches and classical vibrations, Mehmet already puts out his 4th album. This new album again shines bright in the full musical spectrum. What else to say. Go see him live when you can and support the artist. Visit or bandcamp for the music.
Music: Mehmet Polat
Video: Martin Boverhof (Studio de Maan)

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