About Us
We are Martin Boverhof (1976) and Anne Gentenaar (1980). We have been working together at Studio de Maan since 2015. Towards the end of the ‘90s, we started our creative and cultural journey of discovery through Music, Beamers, Cameras, Video Effects and Digital Media. This means we are at the very roots of VJ art and Projection Design. Since then, we have turned our studio into a company helping creative types, companies, organisations and governments turn their words or story into a visual experience.
A selection of our clients & references:
Achmea Verzekeringen, Vrede van Utrecht, EKKO, Paradiso, Gemeente de Wolden, Hardenberg, Me&Maureen, MOVE, Heineken, ID&T, Boompje Studio (design), Amsterdam Dance Event, Comport Records, Tech Fest, Chikage Imai (composer), Jesse Passenier (composer), Radio Kootwijk Live, Erik Bosgraaf, Miako Klein, Cello Biënnale, Mark Nieuwenhuis, Soundstad, Born Digital
For each project, we effortlessly project moving images into any space. Some examples:
Video mapping onto buildings
Visuals for performance art
Moving 'wallpaper' for corporate events
VJ performance
We apply our extensive knowledge of cultural and business events to all areas. Our services:
Concept development
Creative direction
Content creation
Show design

We are happy to tell you a little more about what we do.
If desired, feel free to contact us via this link.
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