The initial idea evolves into a plan which becomes a sketch from where new ideas spring forth. Creativity is given ample opportunity to flourish, and all ideas deserve the opportunity to grow. Ideas either fade or come to life again later on. We work towards a performance or product together with artistic and technical partners.

Our first contact
We would like to hear a little more about the idea or concept.

The idea quickly takes shape in a first sketch or prototype. Personal explanations and exchanges of ideas will then follow over e-mail and, if possible, we will begin brainstorming in person. Following this approach, additional demands and expectations will then become clear and together we will lay down the building blocks for this plan.

The idea, plan and budget are set out through the medium of an online work environment, coupled with an example or mood board. The distinction is then immediately made visible between the creative and technical implementation. Every concept has its own conditions and (technical) possibilities. We make an inventory of these during the preliminary phase and, where necessary, involve one of our technical associates. Finally, our concern is to then allow the creative work to shine through, and we do this through the optimum use of technology. 

Many years of collaboration and close contact with other producers give us unique insight into the creative process. Naturally, it is always a pleasure to have other artistic powers on board. CO-creation in a multidisciplinary context is what we’re all about, which gives our clients confidence in an end result that far exceeds expectations. Of course, we maintain close contact with them and we always present them with the opportunity to give feedback. That way you always have the opportunity to adapt our project in terms of its creativity, content and production.

In short, we take care of the creative process from start to finish.
We supervise the (technical) production - from the show itself to the recording.
Studio de Maan is located in Amsterdam. 
You can get in touch with us via the contact page, Facebook or LinkedIn,
and you can also reach us on this number: +31 6 555 18446.
We are happy to take the time to explore your idea.

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